Preppers 101

A Prepper is an individual who takes self-reliance and personal responsibilities very seriously. Being prepared for any situation or circumstance is an important aspect of their life.

A Preparedness enthusiast believes in himself and is self-determined. No task or challenge is unattainable or insurmountable, provided proper determination, dedication and focus is in place. They sees hope in things, which most other people would have admonished or abandoned at some point in time. These individuals are very oriented towards their families and they can live without or sacrifice entertainment or leisure to a great extent, so that they do not get used to that specific lifestyle and are not able to sustain during times when such entertainment options are not easily accessible.

Preppers and Survivalists — Are there any similarities?

Contrary to popular belief, these are not the same. Survivalism usually focus on learning basic and other skills of woodmen, and they give very little attention to stocking up essential supplies or building a wide repository of every other essential thing. Survivalists prepare themselves to live off lands; Preppers try to maintain their lifestyle and minimize their needs and wants as much as possible. That being said, several Preppers can also be called survivalists, as some of them are quite skilled at living off land. Similarly, many survivalists are also called Preppers, as they accumulate supplies and maintain a list to sustain their living standards during difficult situations.

Some Myths about Preppers

They can be seen as crazy people some of the other members of the society, who do not believe in or advocate the preparedness lifestyle. In fact, even mass media is often found guilty of portraying Doomsday Preppers in very poor light. To be quite honest, their approach towards life is pretty similar to those who don’t prepare. The only difference is that a prepping enthusiast applies that thought-process in every facet of his life, whereas the non-prepper selects his avenues. For example, most people have an insurance contract in the name of their property, vehicle, or any other object or thing that can be legally insured. Insuring is basically getting prepared for a scenario or situation when the house or property gets damaged and is rendered homeless. Ifthey are considered cynical and people with a negative approach towards life, then every other individual is pessimistic and is putting in his efforts to be better prepared for the future.

To be quite honest, there is nothing wrong with worrying about future events and likelihoods, and being prepared to tackle the difficult situations. Everyone does and those who pretend to have a carefree attitude towards their future are only lying through their teeth.

The thing that baffles those who prepare the most is the very lethargic and lackadaisical approach that people have towards their own safety and well-being. They are not able to comprehend the intentions and goals of parents who do not take additional steps necessary to ensure that their kids and other loved ones are safe when something hazardous and untoward happens.

Contemporary Preppers

The preparedness movements have been gaining lot of attention and momentum in the recent years, thanks to man-made and natural disasters taking place all over the planet, such as terrorist attacks in London and America, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. Thanks to the fear instilled by the Mayan prophesies in the minds of the people, the Prepper movement is witnessing tremendous growth in the latter part of 2011 and for a major portion of 2012. The beginning of several movies and television shows oriented towards collapse and disaster has helped bring the idea of preparedness to the societal consciousness’ forefront. Though it is still viewed as “fringe” by many, the Federal Government has made active efforts to promote preparedness through its several government- and state-sponsored programs and initiatives like

Contemporary Prepping people are not just worried about man-made and natural disasters, but they are also a bit concerned about America’s economic stability. They are also concerned about America getting attacked by other countries through several means and strategies.

To put it short, the major objective of Preppers is to be well-prepared for the unlikeliest and likeliest of events. It need not just be bigger issues such as earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorists, attacks, etc. but it could also be facets that deal with everyday life.

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