Prepper Survivalist Resources

Health Related

Natural Cures

Herbal Medicine PDR

Herbal Manual

Anti Cancer Therapeutics

Where There is No Dentist

Where There is No Doctor

Wound Closure Manual

Military First Aid

Emergency War Surgery

Emergency Field Procedures

Wilderness Medical Kit List

Influenza Pandemic Plan

Medicinal Plants Vol 1

Medicinal Plants Vol 2

Medicinal Plants Vol 3

Useful Wildlife Plants

Survival Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Survival Plant List

Medicinal Plants

Alternative Pet Medicine

Native American Ethnobiology

Crow Indian Herbal Medicine

Military Manuals

Survival Evasion Recovery

Marine Rifle Markmanship

USMC Winter Survival

USMC Summer Survival

USMC Martial Arts

USMC Rifle Marksmanship

USMC Close Quarters Combat

USMC Hand to Hand Combat

USMC Jiu Jitsu

USMC Kill or Get Killed

USMC Compass

US Army Survival

US Army Survival (newer)

US Army Rappelling

US Army Tank Killing

US Army Pistol Combat

US Army Map Reading

US Army Concrete Construction

US Army Carpentry

US Army Camouflage andĀ Concealment

US Army Urban Ops

US Army Hand to Hand Combat

US Army Civil Disturbance Ops

US Army Topographic Ops

US Army Terrain Analysis

US Army Cold Weather

US Army Survivability

US Army Maps

US Army Combat Skills

US Army Mountain Ops

US Army Leadership Level 1

US Army Leadership Levels 2,3,4

Special Forces Caching

Ranger Unit Ops

Canadian Military Survival

Canadian Military Fieldcraft

Canadian Military Cold Weather

Starting a Militia Unit

Chinese Liberation Army Handbook

Military Pressure Points

Navy Physical Fitness

Wilderness Survival

Cold Weather Survival Pt2

How to Build Debris Huts

Hunting Survival

Traps and Snares

Wilderness Survival

Animal Trapping

Outback Survival

Wilderness Evasion

Rope Work

Mountaineering Knots

Pioneering Knots

Fishing Knots

Sea Scout Knots

Ropes Knots Lashings

Knots Splices Lashings

Urban Survival

On Body Kit

Food and Water

Food Drying

Solar Still

Solar Food Dryer

Joy of Canning

Back Country Recipes

Native Berry Recipes

Solar Dehydrator

Dutch Oven Cooking

Boy Scout Cookbook

Water Purification

Preserving Game Meat

Edible Wild Plants

Common Edible Mushrooms

Vegetable Garden Encyclopedia

Canning Meats

Canning Fermented Foods

Complete Book of Food

The Jerky Chef

Food Storage Recipes

Survival Food Storage

Food Storage Cooking School

Food for Fifty

Food Canning

Anarchy Cookbook

Beverage Plants

Poultry Farming

Dry Farming


Solar Flare/EMP Protection

Sabotage Field Manual

Lock PickingĀ 

Bunker Plans

Build a Crossbow

Family Survival Plan

Homemade Weapons

Guide to Home Carpentry

Getting Prepped at Walmart

How to Make Fertilizers

Archery Essentials

Blackout Protection

Biomass Gasifier

How to be Invisible

Homemade Tracer Ammo

Secret Hiding Places

Getaway Driving

Free Energy Devices

Mac Gyver Handbook

Nuclear War Survival

Combat Survival Evasion

Unarmed Combat

Krav Maga Combat


The Foxfire Book 1

The Foxfire Book 2

The Foxfire Book 3




Bushcraft Notes


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