Emergency Survival Kit List for Preppers

For Preppers, compiling a survival kit list and assembling a 72-hour survival kit should be at the top of a priority list. A comprehensive emergency survival kit should contain essential and reliable emergency preparedness supplies including food, water, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter, etc. A complete kit should also include a Hand-Crank Powered Weather Band Radio, flashlight, & USB Device Charger for cell phones.

If a disaster strikes in your area, you may find yourself without many of the modern utilities you likely take for granted today. Electricity may be out for weeks leaving you in the dark and causing piped water and sewage treatment plants to stop working. A severe storm, flood or earthquake may damage your home and make it unsafe to occupy as well. If this happens, you may need to take up shelter outdoors and endure unfavorable weather conditions. You and your family could suffer injuries and need medical attention when getting medical help just isn’t possible.

Below are some of the essential items to place in a 72 hour emergency kit. This Survival Kit List is by no means comprehensive for all situations so augment it as needed.


Food Bars
Water Boxes/Bottles
Water Purification Tablets
Can Opener

Emergency Blankets
Ponchos With Hood
Emergency Tent
Plastic Sheeting
Roll Duct Tape

Solar/Hand-Crank Weather Radio
Light sticks
Light sticks
Emergency Candles
Waterproof Matches

First Aid Kit
Potassium Iodate Pills

Safety Whistle
Dust Masks
Vinyl Gloves
Work Gloves
Swiss Army Knife
Multi-function Utility Tool
Nylon Utility Cord
Survival Guide

Sanitation/Toilet Bags
Package Toilet Chemicals
Tissue Packs

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